Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Farmers Market, Southern Style..........

In the late Winter I was invited to peddle my products in a couple local Farmers Markets, I was super excited because it's usually a waiting list to get into these things. My excitement quickly faded when I realized these were out doors...In Georgia Heat ...Let me just clarify that...WE DON'T HAVE DRY HEAT! We have humidity that makes you sweat in places you don't tell people about..A customer stopped by my booth yesterday and said I was only "detoxing" not sweating..I like that better! When I was younger I said I "glistened" when I was hot. With middle age I am officially calling it "detoxing"...Trust me in this

 I have detoxed quite a bit!
Now, I do realize that it's hot in a lot of places right now...But I still have the right to whine a little....

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